B-Secure install intruder alarm systems for commercial, domestic and industrial use. The systems are manufactured by HKC, Aritech and Honeywell. These companies are established names in their own right and are market leaders in the field.

Wired systems

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ECHO Internal Sounders
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SABB External Sounders
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HKC Slimline Sensor
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Wireless systems

The CS250 is an 8 zone hybrid Control Panel with an integrated dialler. The system can be expanded to up to 16 or 24 zones by adding either one or two 8 zone hard-wired input expanders or one of two RF gateways.

It is supplied with an LCD keypad.

Product Scope:

  • 9 inputs; 8 freely programmable + 2-wire fire
  • Hardwired/wireless expansion up to 24 zones
  • 2 areas + common area
  • 8 shock sensor analysing zones
  • LED & LCD keypad options
  • Up to 8 keypads
  • 16 user codes
  • 200 event log with date, time, number and type of event
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Guide to burglar alarms

Burglar alarms and intruder alarm systems are a worthwhile investment in the ongoing security and protection of your home and family and a proven deterrent against burglary and crime.

There are many different types of burglar alarm systems available for domestic and business use but they can be broadly categorised into 2 main groups:

  • Bells only alarms
  • Monitored alarm system

The issue is further complicated as both the above types can be available as hard-wired or wireless security systems.

Bells only burglar alarms - when the burglar alarm is triggered by one of the alarm components, an outside bell or siren is activated. This will undoubtedly inform the burglar that they have been detected and may encourage them to leave.

The mere presence of an alarm system may also persuade a burglar to find an easier target.

However, in these days when many houses have intruder alarms fitted the general public may choose to ignore the warnings bells. How many times have you heard a burglar alarm going off and how many times have you taken any action about it?

With a monitored alarm system, any burglar alarm activation is passed either to a pre-selected list of telephone numbers (Mobile, friends, family or neighbours) if a telephone auto-dialler is connected to the alarm system, or to a central monitoring station if a digicom is connected to the alarm system.

The telephone autodialler is suitable for domestic and small commercial installations where the cost of installation and annual service is minimal but assumes that the person answering the call will react appropriately to the alarm activation.

The central monitoring station is the highest security and the most expensive both for installation and annual service. It is also a requirement that the alarm system is fitted by a PSA approved Alarm Company if Garda callout required following a alarm activation. This kind of system is usually suited to commercial or large domestic premises.

Wireless burglar alarms earned themselves a reputation for poor reliability in the past, which they have found difficult to shake off. The current crop of wireless burglar alarm systems on the market have vastly improved over the originals and are now as reliable as hard-wired security systems. They are much easier to install but are more expensive than hard-wired systems.

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