CCTV systems give the user the eyes to see in the dark, or see around corners or even to keep an eye on things from a great distance.

CCTV systems have achieved a significant reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour by providing 24 hour surveillance of vulnerable areas, with digital recording of events or incidents being available to help the Gardai in tracing goods or criminals.

The ideal CCTV system will give excellent quality pictures in daylight and darkness, with ease and flexibility of use, and will provide good quality images from its recorders for evidence or analysis of an event.

There is a huge range of CCTV equipment available including cameras, lenses, pan & tilt heads, control systems, monitors and recording equipment. B-SECURE ALARMS chooses the best from a variety of world class suppliers so as to give itís customers the best possible pictures at competitive prices.

Systems are available from small applications for small shops or homes, to multi camera systems to on-site control rooms in the larger industrial or retail applications.

Lighting and camera positioning are the two key points when designing a good CCTV system, and B-SECUREís Consultants are experienced in designing and specifying the best cctv systems for a given application. They will always ask "What do you want to see?". The customer needs to define this first, so that the best solutions can be provided by B-SECURE.

There is currently no Irish Standard for CCTV systems, but B-SECURE follows itís own "best practice" guidelines in designing and installing CCTV systems.